General Medicine in Fulshear, TX

General medicine encompasses many entities. It’s one of the largest branches of medicine alongside surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics. Under each of these four branches, there are many specialties and subspecialties. Many people prefer to keep working in general medicine without specializing, and that’s what our physicians at JW Family Medicine in Fulshear, Texas, decided to do.

The great thing about working in general medicine is the wide array of patients you can help. General practitioners see many patients each day, and each patient has his or her own story. Being able to help so many people and optimize their health is what brings us joy here at JW Family Medicine.

Treatments We Offer

General medicine covers so many conditions and is far from an easy job to do. Those who specialize in gastroenterology, for example, only need to know about conditions affecting the GI system. That’s not the case with general practitioners. They have to know about everything, how to diagnose, the complications, how to treat it, and when to refer to a specialist.

We rely on medicine to treat the problems we face. General practitioners can perform small medical procedures. If a patient needs major surgery, an endoscopy, or cardiac catheterization, we’ll refer them to a specialist who does them. If a problem can be managed medically, then we have the experience to handle it.

The most valuable quality in a general practitioner is knowing when to treat and when to refer. This depends on the severity of the condition and familiarity with it.

Our Patients

We encourage people looking for general medicine in Fulshear, Texas, to come to see us at JW Family Medicine. We’ll take care of you and explain what we might think you’re suffering them. Next, we’ll outline a plan and tell you how we’ll proceed next.

The following steps might entail us prescribing your treatment, or referring you to the right people who have a higher level of training. Additionally, we might refer you to perform a procedure. For example, some people need endoscopies if they’re suspected of having ulcers. Regardless of what happens, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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