Sports Physical in Fulshear, TX

All physicians encourage physical activity and sports. At JW Family Medicine in Fulshear, TX, we agree that deciding to participate in sports is one of the best decisions you can make. A sports physical is recommended before a person joins a competitive sport. The purpose of the physical is to assess their health and determine if it’s safe for them to participate.

At JW Family Health, we see many teens and kids every week who are looking for a sports physical. It’s a short interview followed by a quick exam. If no abnormalities are found, you’ll receive a document stating that you can play sports.

The Interview

The first part of the visit will consist of a short interview where we’ll take your medical history. We’ll ask about any history of serious illnesses in your family, any chronic conditions you suffer from like diabetes, seizures, and asthma, and prior surgeries or hospitalizations.

We will also ask if you have any allergies, have had any previous injuries, take any meds, and whether you have ever passed out or had shortness of breath. It helps if your parents are there during the interview because they’ll know more about your family history and if you had any medical problems as a child.

You can expect questions about puberty if you’re older than 9 to10 years, in addition to questions about sexual activity and drug/alcohol use. Once we’re done with this part of the visit, we’ll move on to the physical exam.

Physical Exam

During the exam, we’ll measure your weight, height, and BMI. This helps us determine if you’re growing properly and manage your nutrition if you’re over or underweight. Blood pressure and pulse will also be measured, followed by a quick vision exam to determine if you need glasses.

A quick exam of your chest, heart, abdomen, ear, nose, and throat will also be performed. Your joints, posture, strength, and laxity will all be assessed too. If everything seems fine based on our assessment, then you should be good to go. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask.

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