Check-ups in Fulshear, TX

Check-ups are necessary not just to keep you healthy, but also to detect and treat silent conditions as early as possible before they become problematic. At JW Family Health in Fulshear, Texas, we realized that the reason many people neglect their check-ups is that they don’t see the value in them.

If a person feels fine, why would they want to go to the doctor? At JW Family Health, we try to explain to our patients the value of preventing diseases. Keeping people healthy is a lot easier, more convenient, and cheaper than treating them after they get sick. Additionally, some people were able to completely recover from problems because they were detected at an early stage during a check-up.

What We Do During a Check-Up

Never been to a check-up before? Well, they’re simple and take very little time. When you visit us, we’ll start by taking your medical history and learning more about the conditions you have and the ones you’re at risk of getting.

We’ll then measure important data like your heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, height, and weight. After we’re done with these, we’ll get to the examination. Your vision and hearing will be assessed, followed by auscultation of your chest. We might palpate your abdomen to check for pain or masses.

We might need to draw some blood to get some tests done for you. These include a complete blood picture, metabolic panel, and potentially a lipid profile. These tests give us a more accurate overview of your health.

Some people will be advised to start screening for certain conditions. Women over 40, for example, will need to get mammograms for early detection of breast cancer. Men and women over 50 will need to start getting colonoscopies for colon cancer.

Value of Check-Ups

Your check-up will either let us know that you’re in perfect health, or that you’re not. If you’re in perfect health, we’ll want to keep you that way and minimize your risk of conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Those who have abnormal check-ups will need further testing. Nothing is confirmed during a check-up, so there’s no reason to panic just yet. We’ll stay with you until we have a definite diagnosis and plan.

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