Sick Visits in Fulshear, TX

We offer sick visits for our patients at JW Family Medicine in Fulshear, TX. We understand that diseases strike in the most surprising manner, and making an appointment for a later day isn’t always a feasible option.

One of our priorities is to make sure our patients get the medical attention they deserve. That’s why we allow sick visits at JW Family Medicine. To come in for a sick visit, give us a call, and our team will do its best to make sure someone sees you as soon as possible.

When to Come in for a Sick Visit

Same-day sick visits are there for people who truly need them. This includes people complaining of an urgent problem or those who just got sick. Certain criteria help us determine who qualifies for a sick visit. The reason we have these criteria is to make sure that people who truly need to be seen urgently have access to the service they need.

People who suspect they have a cold or flu can come in for a sick day visit. Anyone with an earache or a sore throat can also call and get an urgent appointment. If you have a rash or a UTI, then you’ll also be able to see us urgently. These are all considered acute problems, and assessing then treating them quickly can lead to significant improvement.

Please understand that chronic conditions or non-urgent problems don’t qualify as sick visits. We only have a certain available time to see patients, and we have to make sure we can fit in those with acute problems in-between our scheduled appointments.

Patients who have experienced severe trauma like a motor vehicle accident or are bleeding profusely should immediately go to the emergency department. They’ll be able to get the required interventions there.

How to Make a Sick Visit Appointment?

If you feel like you fulfill the criteria we mentioned or are having an acute problem, you can call our office. Our team will do its best to fit you in so you can get immediate medical attention.

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